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Professional Series 54" Stand

Base Series Engine Test Stand
Price: $2,395.95
54" long x 30" Wide x 16" High w/ 6" Caster set

  1. Frame Assembly & Components are powder coated & plated
  2. Front & Rear Cross Members
  3. 2 - Front Engine (adjustable) Pedestals
  4. 2 - Front engine mount brackets & hardware
  5. Rear bell housing mount system (adjustable)
  6. Radiator mount system / handle assembly
  7. Casters: 6" polyurethane with steel hubs
  8. Dash Panel: complete w/ gauges, tachometer, switches, leads, assembled & vinyl decal
  9. Electrical System: fuse / relay panel & complete wire harness. Manufactured by American Auto wire
  10. Battery Tray, all battery & starter cables
  11. Ford frame starter solenoid, mounted & wired
  12. 3 Gallon Fuel Tank (certified) & Mounting Tray (plated tray)
  13. Complete cooling system: includes Radiator( 29"x19"), full fan shroud, 16" HD fan, coolant recovery tank, ball drain valve system & block off caps (assembled for you)
  14. Complete Accessory Kit: components may be plated Shown on" Engine Stand Accessory Page"(included with the price on the Professional Series only)
  15. Complete operating instructions with photo's & all hardware
  16. Tech Line service to answer your questions, toll free where applicable
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