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Extended Base Unit 66" Stand

Base Series Engine Test Stand
Price: $1,024.50

Part # ER 2004-2


  1. Frame assembly: 66" long
  2. Front & Rear Cross Members
  3. Front (adjustable) Pedestals
  4. Front engine mount brackets & hardware
  5. Rear bell housing (adjustable) mount system
  6. Dash Panel (laser cut holes) for gauges, tach & switches
  7. Dash mount post
  8. Radiator mount system w/ handle assembly
  9. 6" polyurethane casters & mounting hardware
  10. Tech support , toll free number where applicable
  11. The Base Unit is designed to give you the best features of a universal engine run stand at an affordable price.

All Easy-Run components are available to help accessorize your Base Unit.

You can customize the gauge package, color of the frame and complete the Base Unit at your convenience.

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