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Engine Test Stands

Important Notice:
Designed to be used with a standard Bell Housing,
Automatic Transmission Kit 
Please call for technical support if you have any questions.
Easy-Run's Advantages:

Designed by Car Guys & Built in the U.S.A...
We also provide Technical Support | We use what we build
We will tell you the Truth and give you all the details. 
Customers have called after they purchased the Blue Run Stand & OTHERS on the market and complained about what they thought they were getting. They assumed too much & were very DISAPPOINTED... GIVE US A CALL FIRST.

Why, Easy-Run Engine Test Stands is
the BEST choice and leader with
Engine Run Stand Technology?
Easy-Run will save you Time, Money & Aggravation
Here is How & Why:
  • Engineered to accept GM, Ford, Mopar and Imports.
  • 1- Easy- Run Stand does them all.
  • Spend minutes NOT hours installing & test running
  • Eliminate damaging paint , leaning over fenders to hook up, adjust and repair for initial start up.
  • Save the Frustration of major repairs or removing the engine to fix a problem you could not have known about.
  • Be able to complete repairs and re-test, be positive it is fixed while still on the Run Stand.
  • Radiator Assembly System and Dash Panel Assembly easily remove to access the Front and Rear of the engine, to diagnose and repair problems. No other Run Stand does this.
  • You are in control, great access  & visuals of the engine while running.
  • Easily heat cycle the engine many times, re- tighten fasteners, and valve adjustment for the final time, easily.
  • You are SAFELY viewing & controlling  the engine from the side with a simple touch of the control panel during run cycles.
  • NOT: You are not standing in front of the Radiator or between the Headers like other run stands.  Safety in good engineering by Easy-Run.
  • Engineered for your safety: Fuel tank is in the front, close to the  mechanical fuel pump for less fuel line and away from the exhaust and battery in the rear.
  • Exhaust headers normally are inside the frame rails.
  • Easy-Run's Tech Line is available before and after you purchase, we will answer your questions & find solutions. 

When you buy Quality, you will save money because you gain Value. Isn't that what you really want!

Remember: Easy-Run provides quality and Customer Satisfaction so YOU can do the same!
We provide Technical Support before & after you purchase
Proudly made in the U.S.A
Give us a call: 1-800-780-0634 or 951-780-8392